Conejo Interview

This is an exclusive interview with Conejo in 2008 which has never been released!


The Hit Man: What made you name your new album L.A. Times?

C.O.N: I named the album after the notorious city where I was born and raised (Los Angeles) and all the shit that I been going through in these wicked streets. This album is for all you muthafuckers that be supporting the movement. The ones that really get behind all the dope Latino artist that are out there. I feel it’s my duty to drop LP’s like this you know what I’m saying homies - cause everybody got there own ideas and there own shit that they be rapping about - a lot of these lames might not like what I’m doing but I dont give a fuck. I dont concentrate on making summer anthems or pop singles - not that theres something wrong with those types of songs you feel me - but I focus more on the entire concept of the album: I spit about life - my life - and thats that West Side Harpys Dead End streetlife. (Thats the theme: to all my shit)


The Hit Man: Whose doing production on your new album?

C.O.N: The usual suspects and for all those that wanna know - all my producers do there beats on mpc’s and fuck with pro-tools. Murder one got one of the sickest pro-tools set ups Ive seen.

The Hit Man: Any guest appearances on this Los Angeles Times?

C.O.N: Riders get busy in the L.A. County features: Spants from The City Boys - they from the west side, you know what im saying, had to fuck with them - We’ve been pushed to far & States waiting for me feature my dog bugsy castro - he almost didnt make it on this album… we had to bail him out of the county jail as I was finishing the record just so he could be on it - Venom wasn’t on the album cause he was busted doing a parole violation but he got out just in time for the video & The Bootlegs - Sporty aka pelon did the intro on Another fallen soldier - we were gonna do a song together for this album but then he got busted tambien. The album is already mixed & mastered but I think I might add a song or two, to the final line up.


The Hit Man: Who will be doing Imperial 2 with you?

C.O.N: Lately I’ve been getting asked in the streets a lot about that Imperial 2: like when it’s coming out? what label is it gonna drop under? are you gonna record it in L.A. - Texas - Atlanta - Chicago or New York? etc, etc - I haven’t seen or talked to Capone from Latino Jam - since the album: Imperial (one) was mixed and mastered years ago. So as of right now, that project was put on hold. So when ever or with who ever the fuck I choose to do the Imperial 2 with you already knowing it’s gonna be on some classic shit so you aint even gotta trip on that. (muthafuckers like me stay on top of there game)


The Hit Man: Any new artist on Notorious Enemy Records?

C.O.N: Yeah there some new artist on the label right now… that I got in training developing there own styles schooling them on how to do this shit and not to sound like alot of these punk ass muthafuckers we got running around in the game right now, Lil Lazy whats up homie.

The Hit Man: What’s going on with Bugsy’s album?

C.O.N: Bugs just got back into the studio and started working on his shit. If he doesn’t have to do some time Supply and demand should be right around the corner - so be on the look out and don’t sleep on my boy cause on the real: he’s on another level that you aint accustomed to. He’ll serve half of the mother fuckers in our game right now. His freestyle flow is flawless his subject matter and rhyme patterns are sick as fuck I’ve personally seen Castro lay emcees out: 2 guns aint no joke!

The Hit Man: What’s going on with Venom’s album?

C.O.N: Venom was incarcerated doing a quick violation - so his album was put on hold. Now that he’s out expect one.

The Hit Man: Will there be another Tattoo Ink album?

C.O.N: As soon as I can get all 3 of us in the studio - all we would need: would be like 72 hours to drop an album… The shit we fiend for though is doing shows all of us together the way we used to rock them 5th battalion shows back then at the Joint in West L.A. That was the real Tattoo Ink right there not that phony imitation shit trying to be and sound like us but still cant fuck. C.O.N, 2 Guns & Venom we spit dangerous shit so that makes us a fucken problem to the game! We one of the hardest groups on the scene as of right now… so definitely stay posted for that new Tinta de Tatuaje shit homies.

The Hit Man: What can you tell us about the new album?

C.O.N: I went back to doing albums like Shady - City of Angels & Fallen Angel… When you got caught up in all the dissing and battling sometimes you loose focus of your main objective. As far Devils Playground and Revenge Served Cold: I had to put these lames in check - they step to a don and for that - they had HELL to pay - I made them bitches bow down… This new album is all L.A. shit but at the same time it reaches out to hoods from all over this muthafucker that can relate to the life. I always take you on journeys when I drop albums - this one is to put you muthafuckers up to date - from where I left off on the last album. Its full memorable lines - that you homies will be quoting for days: guaranteed - this a street album like all the albums I drop. Song after song, line after line, beat after beat, this shit is straight CRACK homies. (The Devils Inside)


The Hit Man: Where did you record this new album at?

C.O.N: I recorded and mixed the whole entire album in L.A. [...] and everytime I went to the studio L.A.P.D.’s were hot in them streets - them fucken pigs were everywhere in this police state. Muthafucker had to move strategically at all times. You see I dont need to be making records but I got love for you muthafuckers and I got love for the music - So I dont give a fuck about the money or the fame at this point in my life - Im making history putting out these records.

The Hit Man: What are some of your favorite oldies?

C.O.N: To many but mostly songs that are sang by the: Delfonics - Intruders - Temprees - Blue magic - Isley bros. - Manhatans - Barry white - Earth wind & fire - War - Chi lites - Brenton wood - Marvin Gaye - Bobby womack - Harold melvin & the Blue notes - Temptations - O’jays - Smokey robinson - Minnie ripperton - Mary wells - James brown - Rose royce - Teddy pendergrass - Al green - Willie Hutch - Norman Connor - Roberta Flack - Donny Hathaway - Bloodstone - Curtis Mayfield - plus all them underground classics that are hard to find.

The Hit Man: What other kinds of music do you bump on the daily?

C.O.N: To many different styles of music to name. Westcoast gangster shit - east coast midwest dirty south all hip hop - rock - oldies - old school - funk - jazz Donald Bird Miles Davis - corridos de Chalino Sanchez - all kinds of shit homies.


The Hit Man: What are some of your hobbies?

C.O.N: Putting together from scratch them 61 - 63 - 64 Chevy impalas, wagons and convertibles
then shipping them muthafuckers out to Japan - then its saYOONARA after getting my money.

The Hit Man: What are your favorite sport teams?

C.O.N: Them L.A. Dodgers & L.A. Lakers and a big fan of that Mixed Martial Arts sport.

The Hit Man: One of your greatest childhood memories?

C.O.N: Being 13 years old all up in the hood and getting some head from some fine older
enemy hood rat bitch the homies hook me up with it.

The Hit Man: What kind of beer do you drink & what kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

C.O.N: Corona’s or Heineken’s & them Camel non filters: Hennessey straight out the bottle - swisha sweets stuffed with that real purple cush not that cheap ass dirt weed they had in that stomper DVD.

The Hit Man: Who would you like to work with?

C.O.N: Dr. Dre

The Hit Man: What do you think about Chicano rap releases like: Lean like a cholo?

C.O.N: The songs cool - its alright - its for the clubs & the kids my lil nephew’s were bumping that shit. That’s firme that Down is making moves & getting his money right now, but them type of cuts like that - just aint me.

The Hit Man: Are you gonna diss Hi Power again?

C.O.N: Yeah thats mando fuck all Hi Power fools thought they could get with me on my level and found out the hard way. Fucken lame ass bitches - them fucken studios gangsters be straight biting all my shit homies, for real - lames cant come up with nothing original: aint no real talent over there.


The Hit Man: Will you be working with Charlie Row, Psycho Realm, Guzzle, O.Cruz or Brownside again?

C.O.N: Yeah be on the look out for feature verses that I did and that doing with some of your favorite Latin hip hop Chicano rappers and producers - just like that one I did for the 2007 before cruz mixtape ”where the homies” by the homeboy Cruz de B.Y.I. - that shits an honor for me when muthafuckers want me to spit on there shit, so I make sure I come off hard as fuck. That way when they jump on my shit they do the same thing like O.Cruz, Guzzle and Jacken did on that Wanted Dead or Alive… (Me and Chino Grande got a song we just did not to long ago that’s just to gangster for radio - C.O.N Brownside colabo is in the works - believe that)

The Hit Man: Will you be dropping another mixtape?

C.O.N: Yeah me and my D.J. got some scarface shit for the 2008 if you thought that Antichrist mixtape was dope and killed shit wait to this muthafucker arrives on the scene.


The Hit Man: How do you see the Chicano Rap / Latin hip hop game ?

C.O.N: On the real I see it all fucked up aint nobody trying to see a Mexican blow up in this rap game. We might just have to start kicking down some doors literally start fucking up some a&r’s along with some radio station D.J.’s and concert promoters for not getting with our fucken program you know what im saying. We aint asking for no free rides cause we already do everything for ourselves we produce promote and sell all our shit on our own. I don’t see the music industry trying to make it any easier for us if anything they making it harder for us: making muthafuckers think that selling out is the only way to have success in this bitch - a just keep doing what I do and fuck what the rest are talking about I’m a just do albums like this Los Angeles times the bootlegs plus this scarface shit I got cooking up and if they want to fuck with it then cool but if not - then fuck em I aint gonna stop just because I don’t fit there criteria.

The Hit Man: What happened to your DVD?

C.O.N: Its coming there’s just more footage I wanted to put on there before I released it to the streets plus I wanted to throw that fox 11 news bullshit on there that I just got a hold of.


The Hit Man: What experiences did you learn from making Shady all the way to this new album: Los Angeles Times?

C.O.N: I learned to how to make records you know what I´m saying just to get up in the studio and do some damage… I know the struggles of a immigrant - I know the life of a hustler and I’ve been submerged in this gang culture since the day I was born. Its like the streets is my religion so everything I’ve learned you hear it and feel it in my music & my rhymes and I’m not just talking about stories and verses about shit - talking about the quality of the music that just gets better and the vision just gets more clear every time I drop a new cd but mostly I learned how to drop shit that the streets wanna hear and that comes from just being in that muthafucker so much.

The Hit Man: Will you ever release your old underground neighborhood tapes?

C.O.N: Naw probably not… but if you got some cheddar I might let you hear them - might even hook you up with one. All my underground shit was for my homies I never knew back then it would come to this. Last time I seen Sick Jacken he even reminded me of my old demos: “I gots the glock for the vatos on your block so ese take cover if you dont wants to drop!” That’s some 92 - 93 shit right there.


The Hit Man: What made you start rapping?

C.O.N: I grew up on rap (hip hop) and always had lil flows written down somewhere on paper… It just took off from there and just living life got it to where it is right now.


The Hit Man: How did the first shit you ever spit come out?

C.O.N: Don’t remember - but I know the first shit I spit at a Harpys gang party was G’d up (1990) homies was feeling it. So request started coming in from different cliques in the hood to mention them at the next party. After that - I started dropping demos where I was giving it up to the H non-stop we also formed the group: Homies 213 back then.


The Hit Man: Any new video’s coming?

C.O.N: Yeah, Thee Unforgiven video is coming real soon I just wanna drop it close to the albums release date you know what I’m saying - to build some anticipation but shoot you fools a lil sample in a few days.


The Hit Man: What was childhood like?

C.O.N: Like it is for any kid growing up in the barrio, its a everyday struggle…


The Hit Man: Are you still street hustling or making professional moves?

C.O.N: Hustling in this music industry is a professional move.


The Hit Man: Why is it that a lot of your rival enemy gang members listen to your music?

C.O.N: I know that in the pen that C.O.N shit is on major rotation and that’s coming from my homeboys in there on them level 3 & 4 yards - Its cause you got homies from all over L.A.C. - I.E. - O.C. - S.D. just a bunch a crazy ass muthafucken surenos all locked up together. Your celly might be your worst enemy on the street but in there hes your dog… Picture this - you in the cell bumping that Devils Playground your cellys gonna want to know what that is - just think about it. Muthafuckers will recognize a G real quick and muthafuckers will recognize a lame even quicker specially with a fucked up Spanish accent and a weak ass flow… Then along come the Angel of Death spitting some of that West Side Harpys real talk and it sound just like the way they speak in there hood and it talks about that street hustle life that they accustomed to: not that soft ass pretty boy shit these lames be trying to come with. Homies you tell me what a real g would listen to no matter what barrio he’s from.

The Hit Man: Will you do any album collaborations?

C.O.N: Yeah if the situation is right… I already got into the studio and did a colabo with the homeboys Spanky Loco & Huero Snipes for the Bootlegs Vol. 1 and I want to do the same with Chino Grande and the C-Row Campo for the Bootlegs Vol. 2 - drop some shit real quick you know what im saying. the type of muthafucker that’ll hit up a studio like at 3 in the morning - roll through: drop a whole fucken album just like that - the Anti Christ mixtape I dropped all the lyrics for that in one day, more like a few hours - except for the one with 2High and the Mr. Cynical remix and then after that I went to some other studio and dropped 4 more songs that nobodys ever heard put its this way what ever studio I’m in I hold that muthafucker hostage till the job is done. The 4 songs I did that nobodys ever heard and will never hear:

  • Kills for Thrills
  • The Message is deep
  • Cypher of Death (Freestyle)
  • Young in the Calles, Pt. 2

The reason is because I recorded these songs for someones personal collection, someone I have alot of respect for: a big time cat from Culiacan Sinaloa out there in Chicago thats been looking out for CONEJO this whole time, what up homie.

The Hit Man: Who do you think won the battle between you and Hi Power?

C.O.N: All you muthafuckers know who won this battle! As everybody can see the fucken imposter never had a comeback for me. So he tried to send his lil fucken guppys to get at me - but all that happen was they got sent on a dry run shit backfired on all them wack ass m.c.’s. Everybody knows I tore them fools up (Anti Christ mixtape is proof): just listen to there lil pre school disses and then listen to mines - you’ll have the results right there! All that camp is just a fucken gimmick - you seen them woofing all that b.s. but them pussys aint about shit. I keep my shit G’d up homies - I dont give a fuck about no pop or no Hollywood shit - Im a street muthafucker so I keep it in the calles all day everyday so all lames hating - you could run up on this muthafuckin desert eagle, for real…

The Hit Man: Would you ever get together with Madd Glock to diss Hi Power?

C.O.N: I already tore them bitches up all by myself, why would I need any other crew besides Tattoo Ink to do it again? The answers fuck no! I dont do lame shit like that - its every man for himself in this muthafucker…

The Hit Man: You’ve become one of chicano raps most requested / featured artist why is that?

C.O.N: That’s because a lot good muthafuckers in the game and the streets got respect for me and my music, they feeling what the fuck im doing - cant blame them for that (real recognize real) you know what I'm saying. They know my work ethic, they know that no matter what the situation is: Big G-Rabbs been delivering - plus they know they gonna have a G’d up 16 bar verse on their shit: cant get no better than that homies.


The Hit Man: How was it working with Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm), Guzzle & O.Cruz on that Wanted Dead or Alive LP?

C.O.N: All I could say is that when dope muthafuckers that could RAP get in the studio like that - the outcome is always gonna be classic. It sound sick as fuck when I do cuts with other artists that got there own different original styles. Plus it’s good for business - it’s a way of giving back to the fans that go out and buy our music in the first place… Shouts out to the heavyweight family that’s a camp full of vatos that spit on point.

The Hit Man: Would you ever make a whole Spanish album?

C.O.N: Me and Venom wrote a whole spanish album we just never got to record it. Venom spits the hardest spanish G shit in the whole fucken game. Alot of fools rap in spanish but they aint really saying nothing wait to you hear the shit he’s talking about on the Bootlegs vol. 1: The harder they fall & Venom flow - Gato gets deep. Alot of vatos that rap in spanish are over here talking abouts wars, killing, jail, drugs basically the lifestyle but these lames aint never lived it so how could you spit about something you aint knowing about… Venom dont give a fuck he rap whats on his mind.

The Hit Man: Whats up with all these other labels putting out C.O.N material?

C.O.N: I mean I just look it like using them as vessel homies to get me up in all them places I want to be. Yeah there selling my shit and making some money on it but what there also doing is taking me into there markets selling my shit to there customers. The wholesale buyers don’t give a fuck what label puts it out just as long as the project looks tight and they could move it, its like there getting the rap game strung out on my dope all for me, cause after awhile all those releases they aint gonna be as potent and when they come looking for that new shit who you think they gonna go get it from? …thats right. Shouts out to all those labels, individuals & media that help create a enormous buzz for myself… there’s one thing for certain in this game of ours if you aint got the streets you aint got nothing homeboy.

The Hit Man: Out of all the music you’ve made over the years what are your 3 favorite songs and why?

C.O.N: theres just to many… But from my old school shit:

  • Talking serio pedo - it takes me back to them O.. days, I was young in the calles: on a slow Zapp beat
  • Mi barrio es primero - title of the song says it all: on that mr. groove beat
  • To young to die to proud to cry - it was a song that made you reflect laidback shit: on a Commadors beat
  • Im cyco - this the song when everything changed in my life, shit started getting dark: hardcore beat
  • Enemigas get shot up - some real gangster shit not that phony imitation we plagued with: Quincy Jones beat


The Hit Man: What’s next for C.O.N?

C.O.N: I already started working on that new Scarface shit and got something special for you fools straight out the fucken lab coming real soon. I was originally gonna drop Los Angeles Times on my b-day Oct. 9 but I pushed it back cause theres a couple companys looking to distribute that record but dont trip I aint gonna leave you muthafuckers hanging like that: Ima release the: The Bootlegs Vol. 1 - you know what I´m saying Ima hit the streets with some G-shit real quick it’s gonna be on some look into the eyes of a killer type of shit… Ima just keep recording albums till I cant no more and dont got nothing to say homies but from the looks of things that aint gonna happen any time soon unless I wake up dead tommorow. Right now I´m just patiently waiting - theres some major label deal shit lurking in the cut for G-Rabbs and believe me all my problems about to go away: Shouts out to the whole B.Y.I. Interscope Geffen family.