Most rappers only release around a low 10% of work compared to the material Conejo has in his catalogue, that alone makes a story good in itself. He's one of LA County's most requested underground emcee, with sharp rhymes infused with LA culture over a large quantity of different style beats, that has been active in the game over 15 years. conducts our first written interview with The Notorious Enemy himself.
1. You have so many releases on the market, when most rappers never even make it past 10 records; much less the 50 albums mark that you're well ahead of. What comes to mind and how does that make you feel when you hear that?
It's nothing real talk, I just have the capability of doing it; So I do it, there's just so much that's going on around us, 10 albums would not be enough to keep the fans game'd up but at the same time I stay flexing on my colleagues on some catch up type shit. I always say this: That we don't drop as much music as we should, I know if we did we'd accomplish much more as a whole, but it is what it is and you can't make people do what they don't want to. Me, as as soon as I come home and get the chance ima flood the game with a 200 more LP's,(palabra) that's just my get down!
2. We heard your track "Let's Ride" on the tv series The Shield, also a quick cameo on the movie Training Day, can you elaborate how that happened?
The Shield went looking for me, seen a bartender wearing a Conejo shirt at a West L.A. bar called 'The Joint' that we used to hang out at, gave him a card for me to call, I called and that's it. As for Training Day I was just an extra, but the writer of the movie is my boy (Dave A.), we have the same Kenpo Instructor (Richard M.)
3. What was your first studio session like and what track or tracks did you record?
My 1st studio session was on 1st and Vignes in a downtown L.A. loft at the producer Motiv8's spot. I rapped on a bunch of Zapp and Roger loops and the rest is 4 track demo history.
4. What are your favorite top 5 of your personal releases?
I don't have 5 top favorite release, I don't trip on shit like that. I got so many albums and songs that it would be hard to narrow it down like that, I have anywhere from a 1,000 to 2,000 songs out there, like 100 albums. Maybe if I had 10 albums like these other cats I could answer that question, I'm sure everybody out there can understand!
5. You have said you like some blues in your raps, would you ever work on music from another genre?
Before my arrest I was working with my band "Exile Planet" on a rap/rock album. I've done about 10 EDM type tracks for a DJ out of the UK/London called DJ Blak Kat. I've fucked with all kinds of music, hopefully soon some of these cuts will get leaked.
6. Everybody has asked who your going to work with or who you want to, so we're going to change it up and ask what dead artist would you have liked to work with?
Bob Marley & would of been cool to work with Selena.
7. With the technology of today, many write their verses on their phones, laptops, etc., does Conejo use a paper and a pen still or does he prefer the new ways?
I write with pencil or pen on paper, I stay with a fat book of rhymes. I sent 106 songs home 2 court dates ago, and I got about 30 more right now, I stay scribbling. Just today I wrote 9 songs, ima write 'til I go home, nothing else here to do besides reading and exercising, you feel me?
(side note: only pencils here)
8. What was one of the hardest songs to work on and why?
The only songs I have trouble with are the ones I try to get other rappers on, they're slow as fuck to me! For my Favela album I sent songs to: Oso Vicious, Midget Loco, Chino Grande, King Lil G, and all kinds of other homies, and for whatever reason they never did them??? Only the homie YBE and Huero Snipes came through quick, that's why I don't really like sending songs out, 'cause muthafuckers take their sweet time, so if by 48 hours I don't get back the song, you aint gonna be on my album straight up! Shot out to the homie Stomper but he knows what I'm talking about :) At the end of the day Favela was a classic to me "no coincidence" it came out the way it was supposed to. (Sidenote: Me, Stomper and Shady Boy got something in the works)
9. What's three of your favorite songs from your own catalogue?
Same Answer As Question #4.
10. What's the next step in Con's career?
Is to go home and take this show on the road, here and overseas.
11. What would you say was your hardest obstacle for you, in the rap game?
Once I figured out all these fake ass labels and fake ass scary CEO's were all full of shit, there was no obstacle. I've gangstered  my way through the whole game without out any problems, I've done something no one has been able to do, no matter what the circumstances were! If you don't take things into your own hands ain't nobody gonna do it for you.
12. Besides the numerous albums, what's something else that you consider as an accomplishment in your career?

13. How did the name SKM come about?
Me and my boy slash business partner (JKR) needed a new name that would rep the next wave of albums I was about to come with, that spoke about our mindset and most of all the legacy!
14. Do you play any instruments?
15. Conejo sits down at a table to eat his favorite meal, what's the dish and drink?
Salmon, White Rice, Vegetables, Ice-T.
16. What's one food you dislike and won't eat?
17. Pozole or Tamales?
18. Pepsi or Coca Cola?
Cocaine... I mean coke/coca cola.
19. An Infamous Question, What do you think about Trump?
I don't even think about him, even though all I see in here, in the newspapers, is deportations and massive ICE raides all over the country.
20. You mention a Kenpo stance in one of your songs, do you practice martial arts?
I started with Kenpo like 18 years ago, since then I've dabbled with all kinds of different forms including Japanese Shito-Ryu.
21. What's a favorite movie or tv show that never gets old to you?
Belly & City Of Gods.

22. Would you ever consider doing other stuff in entertainment, such as doing movies or anything like that?
Yeah, I plan on some SKM cinema.
23. Do you like sports? If so, what are your teams?
I enjoy watching Boxing and MMA. Teams: All L.A. teams.
24. If you could travel to three places, anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Bermuda Triangle, go to another dimension. Area 51 encounter/interact with some alien UFO shit. The Vatican; hang out with the pope.
25. What is Conejo's dream car?
DeLorean DMC-12, the back to the future car.
26. The fans love insight on the artist, let them know what's one of Conejo's good childhood memories?
Ditching Elementary School with Venom/Veneno and going to the beach and smoking weed for the 1st time, then playing video games all day at the Santa Monica Pier before going home. A bad childhood memory was watching a person go up to another person and shoot 'em point blank in the face. I was like 9 years old when that happened, me and all the kids around me walked up after to see the dead body.
27. Where do you prefer to kickback, club or back yard?
Wherever it is, its got to be in the cut.
28. Last Question the fans keep asking, is there anything you want to say about your case without going out of your legal boundaries?
No comment be home soon!

Any Last Words from Conejo?