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Welcome to the Conejo Planet - The website for real chicano rap fans!

With this platform we want to bring nearer to you the extraordinary style of the no. 1 chicano rapper Conejo from Los Angeles. Conejo himself belongs to a gang called Harpys. Because of special reasons Conejo has not been seen in public for a long time. This is one of the reasons why he is able to drop one album after another: Learn more about Conejo


Our database is about to provide all his albums he dropped by now. You can listen to all his tracks - as soon, as they're available on YouTube. Additionaly you may listen to many of his singles and remixes from other artists.


Therefore we have good connections, we will post a lot of images, music videos, rare freestyles and a lot of more cool things into our database in the future. Stay tuned and visit Conejo Planet as often as you can!

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Current news

New Track with Veneno of Tattoo Ink 10.05.2017 20:55

Maldito Villa released a brand new Track with Veneno, one of the Legends of Tattoo Ink which Conejo was a Member of.

The Track is called "Come back Stronger" and can be listened and downloaded for FREE on!

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New album: Reign Supreme 9 - OUT NOW!!! 14.04.2017 13:21

Conejo is in jail but he dropped just another album with 9 brand new tracks.

Out now on iTunes: Reign Supreme 9

Get it quickly!

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Exclusive Interview 2017 with Conejo 28.03.2017 08:37

The guys of the OGHUSKEYRADIO had the chance to interview Conejo live from the LA County Jail.

Out came a very interesting interview, which you can listen to here.

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Gee Funktion presents: Maldito Villa - Puppets of Society 01.03.2017 23:12

Today we present you the new album of the chicano rapper "Maldito Villa", which contains some dope tracks featuring Conejo. The whole album is for free and can be downloaded here on!


01 - Maldito Villa - Titeres de la Sociedad (Intro)
02 - Maldito Villa - M-16
03 - Maldito Villa feat. Conejo & Louie Blunts - One Day at a Time (Remix)
04 - Maldito Villa - Tormented
05 - Maldito Villa - Ghetto Roll Call (Skit)
06 - Maldito Villa feat. Conejo - Chicano Rap is not the Same
07 - Maldito Villa feat. Conejo - Medicina
08 - Maldito Villa feat. Tattoo Ink & Perdido - Damn Homie (Remix)
09 - Maldito Villa feat. Conejo & Brown Caesar - Niccolo Machiavelli (Remix)
10 - Maldito Villa feat. Big Legion - A Fraction
11 - Maldito Villa - Puppets of Society
12 - Maldito Villa - Exclusive Freestyle
13 - Maldito Villa - Master Villa (Outro)

Download MP3-320 Download WAV

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Maldito Villa and 187 Present: Code Brown Mixtape 23.12.2016 21:20

Including a brand new Remix Track featuring Conejo, Maldito Villas Mixtape "Code Brown" just released today. You can Downlod the whole digital Version here on for free!

Download now!


01 - Maldito Villa - Code Brown
02 - Maldito Villa - HOODRIVERCITY (2016 Version)
03 - Maldito Villa - In the Timez of Jerry Heller
04 - Maldito Villa - G Bless (feat. Big Loca)
05 - Maldito Villa - Leaving tonight
06 - Maldito Villa - Wasn't right (feat. Stephen Marley)
07 - Maldito Villa - Feel the Pain
08 - Maldito Villa - Tha Villain's Interlude - You don't know me (feat. Conejo)
09 - Maldito Villa - My City Blues
10 - Maldito Villa - Buy your Soul (feat. Louie Blunts & Phillasofic)
11 - Maldito Villa - Llamado a Dios (feat. Chucha Enevilla & El Sangriento)
12 - Maldito Villa - Tune in 2 my Level
13 - Maldito Villa - Outside the Party

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FREE CONEJO 05.12.2016 17:21

We are CONEJO's (Family) reaching out to each and every one of you because as you now by know that CONEJO has been arrested, for a crime that he is innocent of. we are coming to you the fans because we need your help! We need to raise Money to fight his case! Lets FREE CONEJO EVERYONE! please show your LOVE and SUPPORT with a donation.

Every little bit counts $1 /$5 / ?


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