Conejo is free!! 26.02.2018 19:23



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Exclusive Interview 28.12.2017 21:25

Most rappers only release around a low 10% of work compared to the material Conejo has in his catalogue, that alone makes a story good in itself. He's one of LA County's most requested underground emcee, with sharp rhymes infused with LA culture over a large quantity of different style beats, that has been active in the game over 15 years. conducts our first written interview with The Notorious Enemy himself.
1. You have so many releases on the market, when most rappers never even make it past 10 records; much less the 50 albums mark that you're well ahead of. What comes to mind and how does that make you feel when you hear that?
It's nothing real talk, I just have the capability of doing it; So I do it, there's just so much that's going on around us, 10 albums would not be enough to keep the fans game'd up but at the same time I stay flexing on my colleagues on some catch up type shit. [...]

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Help the Homie Big C.O.N. 15.09.2017 09:01

As we know, the artist known as Conejo is under custody in Los Angeles, California.Various news clips and pictures have been circulating the web, shortly after, inciting a strong reaction of support from the Chicano Rap Community. G-Rabbs is known for his decades of work, and word play on records, from solo albums to compilations over the years.

His reach, and determined work ethic has made him notable name when it comes to these records. As he fights his case, he remains humble towards the support he has received. He's staying positive and wants to let his fans know a few things publicly. First, if you want to send a letter his way, anyone is more then welcome. Pictures are also welcome, only five at a time (4x6 or smaller) and postcards, as long as it doesn't have gang paraphernalia, drugs and alcohol, nudity, etc. He can also receive Food Packages, Books from Amazon (fan of Paulo Coelho), and Money Donations. Information well be directly below this update. Conejo says it's boring in that motherf***** and mail call is the best, so anybody is welcome to drop some lines his way.

OG Huskey Radio did a dope phone interview live from the Los Angeles county jail, where Conejo speaks and explains a few things. OG Huskey Radio is known for supporting the underground movements and brought an exclusive piece of work for the cause. Splif D TV also has a lengthy online interview with Conejo, on his YouTube channel, that's worth checking out.

Also don't forget the latest body of work, Reign Supreme 9, is out on online stores with nine tracks, plus the West Adams online promotional single. Also check out the new Conejo gear at The Prime Suspects With that being said, we here at support the underground to the fullest and want to see the comrade free. Keep homeboy in your prayers and shot out to everyone keeping the SKM movement active.

To buy Conejo's CD's or digital Albums:

To buy Conejo Gear:

To Bless Conejo with Cash Donations:
Name: Jose Martin #4845436

To Bless Conejo with food packages:

To Bless Conejo with Books:

Send to Address Below

To Write Conejo:
Jose Martin #4845436
PO Box 86164
Los Angeles, CA 90086

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New Track with Veneno of Tattoo Ink 10.05.2017 20:55

Maldito Villa released a brand new Track with Veneno, one of the Legends of Tattoo Ink which Conejo was a Member of.

The Track is called "Come back Stronger" and can be listened and downloaded for FREE on!


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New album: Reign Supreme 9 - OUT NOW!!! 14.04.2017 13:21

Conejo is in jail but he dropped just another album with 9 brand new tracks.

Out now on iTunes: Reign Supreme 9

Get it quickly!

Source: iTunes

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Exclusive Interview 2017 with Conejo 28.03.2017 08:37

The guys of the OGHUSKEYRADIO had the chance to interview Conejo live from the LA County Jail.

Out came a very interesting interview, which you can listen to here.

Source: YouTube

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Gee Funktion presents: Maldito Villa - Puppets of Society 01.03.2017 23:12

Today we present you the new album of the chicano rapper "Maldito Villa", which contains some dope tracks featuring Conejo. The whole album is for free and can be downloaded here on!


01 - Maldito Villa - Titeres de la Sociedad (Intro)
02 - Maldito Villa - M-16
03 - Maldito Villa feat. Conejo & Louie Blunts - One Day at a Time (Remix)
04 - Maldito Villa - Tormented
05 - Maldito Villa - Ghetto Roll Call (Skit)
06 - Maldito Villa feat. Conejo - Chicano Rap is not the Same
07 - Maldito Villa feat. Conejo - Medicina
08 - Maldito Villa feat. Tattoo Ink & Perdido - Damn Homie (Remix)
09 - Maldito Villa feat. Conejo & Brown Caesar - Niccolo Machiavelli (Remix)
10 - Maldito Villa feat. Big Legion - A Fraction
11 - Maldito Villa - Puppets of Society
12 - Maldito Villa - Exclusive Freestyle
13 - Maldito Villa - Master Villa (Outro)

Download MP3-320 Download WAV

Source: Puppets of Society auf YouTube

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Maldito Villa and 187 Present: Code Brown Mixtape 23.12.2016 21:20

Including a brand new Remix Track featuring Conejo, Maldito Villas Mixtape "Code Brown" just released today. You can Downlod the whole digital Version here on for free!

Download now!


01 - Maldito Villa - Code Brown
02 - Maldito Villa - HOODRIVERCITY (2016 Version)
03 - Maldito Villa - In the Timez of Jerry Heller
04 - Maldito Villa - G Bless (feat. Big Loca)
05 - Maldito Villa - Leaving tonight
06 - Maldito Villa - Wasn't right (feat. Stephen Marley)
07 - Maldito Villa - Feel the Pain
08 - Maldito Villa - Tha Villain's Interlude - You don't know me (feat. Conejo)
09 - Maldito Villa - My City Blues
10 - Maldito Villa - Buy your Soul (feat. Louie Blunts & Phillasofic)
11 - Maldito Villa - Llamado a Dios (feat. Chucha Enevilla & El Sangriento)
12 - Maldito Villa - Tune in 2 my Level
13 - Maldito Villa - Outside the Party


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FREE CONEJO 05.12.2016 17:21

We are CONEJO's (Family) reaching out to each and every one of you because as you now by know that CONEJO has been arrested, for a crime that he is innocent of. we are coming to you the fans because we need your help! We need to raise Money to fight his case! Lets FREE CONEJO EVERYONE! please show your LOVE and SUPPORT with a donation.

Every little bit counts $1 /$5 / ?


Source: Funded Justice

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New album: Reign Supreme 6 05.12.2016 17:12

OUT NOW - New Album: Reign Supreme 6.

10 new Tracks of Conejo. Buy 'em now on CDBaby!

Source: CDBaby

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New Album & Video: Reign Supreme 3 18.11.2016 13:11

OUT NOW - WORLD PREMIERE: An official new video has been released, which can be watched here on YouTube.

Additionally out now on iTunes the new album "Reign Supreme 3" with 13 brand new Tracks by Conejo.

Source: iTunes

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New Album: Conejo - Sandman Slim 07.11.2016 20:12

Out now on CDBaby: Conejo is back with 10 brand new Tracks on his new Album Sandman Slim.

Download it now!

Source: CDBaby

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Out now on iTunes: Crack House 2 14.09.2016 09:18

And again we have got a new epic Album out now!

Available on iTunes now: 10 brand new Tracks by Conejo!!!

Source: iTunes

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New album: Conejo - Gangster Music Dos 10.08.2016 23:51

OUT NOW - Ten brand new gangsterific Tracks on the new album Gangster Music Dos.


Source: CDBaby

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New album: Conejo - Imperial Dos 05.07.2016 16:29

Available now - the second Imperial album with ten brand new Tracks of Conejo, produced by Sinister Kingdom Music.

Download this epic album now on CDBaby!

Source: CDBaby

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New Mixtape - Available only as CD!! 10.06.2016 10:00

Now there it is, the Mixtape "American Hood Dream" with 13 brand new Conejo Tracks.

This Mixtape is available as Hard Copy only at the Bonarue Nation Shop.

Buy it now!

Source: Bonarue Nation

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New Album available: Conejo - Notorious Comando 18.05.2016 17:09

How long did we have to wait for this!!!

Check out the brand new album called "Notorious Comando", which contains ten new tracks with some spanish lyrics. Check out and buy it now on CDBaby!

Source: CDBaby

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Gee Funktion Presents: Conejo - Grunge City (2016) 18.03.2016 20:06

A few minutes ago we released the new Remix-Tape of the upcoming Remix Artist "Gee Funktion".

It contains 11 Remixes you may know and a brand new exlusive Remix.

You can download it for free on our website!!!

Grunge City Download

Source: Gee Funktion Facebook

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Album out NOW: Conejo - Do or Die 17.03.2016 21:55

16 BRAND NEW Tracks out now on CDBaby.

The album is also featuring the Track "Do or Die" off the official Music Video.


Source: CDBaby

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New Album: Conejo - Gangster Music 17.03.2016 21:04

Check this new album out now!

Ten brand new Tracks and three Acapellas!

It's worth a Buy!

Source: Conejo Planet

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187 presents: Conejo - G-Funk Tape 04.03.2016 19:11

You can download the new G-Funk Tape for free!

It contais seven Remixes made by the Homie 187.

Download Page

Source: 187 RMXs

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New Album: Conejo - Asylum 10.02.2016 16:36

Check this out Guys, Conejo released a new Album with 10 brand new Tracks and 3 Acapellas.

This one is epic!

Asylum is out now on CDBaby!

Source: CDBaby

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New album: Conejo - Street Life 6 03.12.2015 19:37

Ten brand new dope tracks are available on CDBaby right now.

The Street Life Saga continues with the sixth part. Will the seventh part come this year, too?

An url for iTunes isn't available yet, but you gonna get it here soon!

Source: CDBaby

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187 Presents: Dedication to the Real OG Vol. 2 12.11.2015 08:21

Here we got another Conejo Planet & 187 exclusive for you. This mixtape with 14 Conejo remixes which also features Veneno, Bugsy 2Pac, Thief Sicario and Gee Funktion can be downloaded for free!

Go to the download page

Source: Conejo Planet Facebook Page

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New album: Conejo - Street Life 5 10.11.2015 23:10

The next Street Life Album is available!

Street Life 5 comes with 10 new Tracks and 5 Acapellas!

Download it now on CDBaby!

Source: CDBaby

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