Exclusive Interview 28.12.2017 21:25

Most rappers only release around a low 10% of work compared to the material Conejo has in his catalogue, that alone makes a story good in itself. He's one of LA County's most requested underground emcee, with sharp rhymes infused with LA culture over a large quantity of different style beats, that has been active in the game over 15 years. conducts our first written interview with The Notorious Enemy himself.
1. You have so many releases on the market, when most rappers never even make it past 10 records; much less the 50 albums mark that you're well ahead of. What comes to mind and how does that make you feel when you hear that?
It's nothing real talk, I just have the capability of doing it; So I do it, there's just so much that's going on around us, 10 albums would not be enough to keep the fans game'd up but at the same time I stay flexing on my colleagues on some catch up type shit. [...]

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